Monday, September 28, 2009

Still adjusting...

Well, here goes...another blog. I realize it's been over a month since the last posting. I mean, you can't really call it a post since I just linked the wedding video, right? I honestly thought life would slow down after the wedding, but it hasn't till now - 3.5 months later. Trips to Murfreesboro, New Orleans, Natchitoches, West Virginia, Savannah - I'm not really sure when our last "nothing to do" weekend was.

Having said this, I applied and accepted a job in the ER at a hospital in Hot Springs. I spent a week in classroom orientation to find that it's nothing like Vanderbilt! :) At this point, I found myself to be homesick. I started working on the unit the following week, and I really enjoyed working with my preceptor. I tried convincing myself that (re-) learning about adults would be very beneficial. Hot Springs is a retirement community, so the patient population is consists of geriatrics. After two and a half weeks, I discovered that I don't like working with adults! Hence, I resigned from my position.

So, it's just Travis and I hanging out on the couch, which Mr. PursuingPineapple slaves away! :)

I guess you can say...I'm still adjusting!