Friday, August 6, 2010

More Birthday Celebrations!

Thursday evening - before my birthday, Aaron and I went to Little Rock and ate at Gaucho's.

Ray & Tricia have a time share in Hot Springs every July. Aaron and I joined them for the weekend. Birthday presents on the fireplace.

Passport cover - I need to update it - not that we're going anywhere out of the country anytime soon.

Love me some purses, especially the twist closure!

Story: my (maternal) grandmother would always get us lottery tickets - the amount of what year we were turning. So, Aaron knew this story & he got me 30 tickets. I did $19.

Working hard!

Sunday morning tradition: steak and eggs. Just so happen to fall on my birthday! :)

S'mores cupcakes, red velvet cake, and ice cream.

Sunday evening.

Dinner @ Bleu Monkey Grill.


SURPRISE! That's definitely what it was. Aaron and I went to Tennessee for the weekend (the weekend before my birthday) to visit. He and I had decided that we would go out to eat Saturday evening to Stoney River - one of my favs to get steak. However, Aaron had gotten a message asking us to stop by our friend John's house - to see he new patio. And this is what I saw: family and friends gathered to celebrate!

Here is the amazing cake made by Patty. Red velvet with cream cheese icing. Fav. We also had several of my other favorites: Chik-Fil-A nuggets and cole slaw, Jimmy John's sandwiches and pickles. And can't leave out the Dr. Pepper!

My parents and me.

My fabulous (& HOT) husband! :)

30! :)

My birthday present! I had been eyeing this ring at our local jeweler for months. Whenever we would go in for other things, I'd definitely would check it out. Aaron had been working on this plan and party for about 6 weeks. He already had purchased it for me.

Another year of fabulous! That's what it is. Looking forward to the upcoming year!

(Sorry for not having blogged - life tends to get in the way sometimes. I promise to be better).