Monday, January 12, 2009

Reflection of 2008

As I was looking through some blogs, I saw a few reflections of the past year. So I decided I would do the same - almost halfway through January 2009.
  • Sinus surgery #2


  • Don't recall anything significant


  • Took a trip to Birmingham to see my sweet LeeAnna!


  • Ordered glasses and contacts for the first time!
  • Took a trip to Arkadelphia for the weekend - Prairie Home Companion & the beginning of some "negotiations."


  • Softball season.
  • 2nd annual trip to the Dancing Dog Bed & Breakfast.


  • Stem-Crabtree Wedding
  • The moment when I knew I had found love, peace, and the me I was meant to be!


  • Meeting the Ward family
  • A trip to Spartanburg, SC to see another beautiful couple married: Collins-Jett wedding!
  • A short & sweet trip to Memphis - celebrating my birthday!


  • A week long trip to Newfoundland - wonderful experience!
  • Belleville River Bash.
  • 8.29.08 - I got engaged to Pursuing Pineapple!!
  • Ashley's bridal shower!
  • Jarboe-Rowe wedding.


  • The beginning of planning for the big day - 6.13.2009
  • The remembrance of my nephew, Dalton (9.2.2005).
  • Quick trip to West Virginia to visit the family! Wonderful weekend at the River. Weekend filled with food, fun, fellowship, and CORNHOLE!
  • Greer-Singleton Wedding!


  • 10 year high school reunion
  • Dress shopping - where I found my dress at the White Room.
  • 2 trips to Arkadelphia
  • Halloween with Aaron, as Fred and Wilma. Had the greatest time passing out candy to the kids. I think the best moments were the children trying to figure out who Aaron really was.


  • Same trip - 1st engagement party in Arkadelphia!
  • More wedding planning, details!


  • Spent the weekend with Aaron's family in Natchitoches, LA - the Christmas Festival. Tour of the town where Steel Magnolias was filmed. Got to see some plantations homes, which I loved. CHRISTMAS PARADE & FIREWORKS. Had a wonderful time with my new family.
  • Signed the papers to put my house up for sale - a little emotional and overwhelming.
  • Christmas with Aaron in Murfreesboro. It was a great weekend - I think we both gave gifts to the other knowing that we would both get them back. I got him the Wii, with WilPlay & Mario Kart. He got me a BEAUTIFUL 1994 Matisse painting - appears to be a fatigued bride lounging back in a chair - I'm sure I'll be able to 'relate.'

Just a few memorable moments of 2008. Already make more in 2009 - and we still have the year to go!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My apologies....

As you most know, I'm engaged to an incredible man! I'm extremely blessed that God gave us 'another' opportunity. I do apologize for the lack of blogging(to our dear friends from Maryland). I've been quite busy getting all the details underway.

Onto important things...
  • The church and reception are booked. Had that done within about 2 weeks of the engagement. I know lots of people were teasing me, asking, "What are you doing to do next week if you get everything done this week?"
  • The dress and veil have been ordered. Should be in by April. Love it. Can't wait to try it on(again), altered, fitted!
  • Bridesmaids dresses. Easy. Black and white.
  • Florist. Photographer. Cake. Done!
  • Finally found junior bridesmaid dress that were on sale, that would fit my 3 girls, and that were in stock. (They were on sale, because the style was being discontinued. I wanted to make sure, without rushing the two families, that they were able to order the dresses without difficulty, so that all 3 girls would have on the same dress. However, honestly, it's not something I was going to worry about had they been different).l
  • Thanks to some more dear friends of ours - we had some 'unofficial' engagement photos made in the downtown area of Arkadelphia. And we used one of the photos, and the talents of our friends to make our save the date cards - which will be mailed at the end of this month.
  • Speaking of save the date cards, I've had to give Aaron a date for him to complete his portion of the invites/labels. His response, "I have a date to work towards." I did tell him that I didn't mind typing them for him.

Things to do...

  • Finish the hotel accommodations for our out of town guests - which has somewhat been an ordeal.
  • Menu for the rehearsal dinner and reception.
  • Decide on invitations
  • A calligrapher...or someone with nice handwriting. If you know of any, please let us know. I think I'm almost to the point - "Who cares? The guests aren't going to keep the envelope, right?"
  • REGISTERING. We're doing this on Thursday, Jan 29th.
  • Send the save the dates cards.
  • Start working on our blog (that will be listed on the save the date card) that will have info about each of us, information, hotel accommodations, interests, touristy items.
  • I'm sure there are more things I've forgotten.
  • Most of all, PAYING for the wedding! :)

I'm so excited. It seems so much more real since we're in 2009. There's alot of transitioning that lies ahead, and each day, I keep trying to prepare myself. I'm ready...I'm ready to become Pursuing Pineapple's wife. I'm ready for June 13, 2009.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you - for your love, support, encouragement.