Monday, May 26, 2008

A relaxing weekend.

Alicat, Papa John, RubyRed (aka Marzipan, aka Quesadilla, Rice, & Beans), MJ, and I went to visit Aaron over Memorial Day weekend.

It was a wonderful weekend. We ate at El Mariachi - who, by the way, has the best chicken chimichanga ever! We realized that Hutson wouldn't like to eat there, because you have to pay for drinks to go!

We watched Enchanted - "It's good."

We attempted to play Petanque. However, it was quite humid & muggy outside. We decided to play some other games inside.

We watched 27 Dresses - "She's got electric boobs."

We had the opportunity to attend Strip Mall Baptist, aka Fellowship. Haha! Afterwards, we bought some groceries and made lunch. Play some UNO Attach - that Alicat whoop us in! :) Donnie and Lori joined us to play Battle of The Sexes. I'm not quite sure why we even attempt to play this game, because the last time we played - yes, the guys beat us. What happened this time - the guys beat us. And Aaron would have beat us in round two had we not gotten the "proceed to the end" wild card!

We talked. We laugh - laughed so hard that we cried. Throw a KA-POW - when someone wasn't expecting it. Watched some YouTube videos. Reminisced to Aaron's music list on iTunes (Shake It!) and the Baptist Hymnal. It was the weekend that we all needed - no agenda - just quality time.

This is Travis. He's my boyfriend. He tends to get tired of me, but he always comes back.
Thank you to the owner/operator of the Dancing Dog Bed & Breakfast for our pleasant stay.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Mild Pertussis."

So, you remember back when I said that I had been exposed to pertussis? So, I finally went to the doctor - walk in clinic - today. He didn't give me a real diagnosis, however he did say that it was "mild pertussis." He gave me antiobiotics for my sinus infection (which won't cover the mild pertussis), an expectorant, and suppressant - which I never understood the two, but whatever! :)

I thought it was funny, considering the several exposures over the last several months.

Jack & Jill

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a rich widow."
~Evan Esar

Monday, May 12, 2008

The trio! & Mr. Briggs

Here's a new photo of MJ, Ruby Red, and myself. MJ & I - with our new specs! Here's to many more pics together!

JB, Mr. Briggs, Jack-Jack, TinMan, the man with many names. Jackie here with magnets 'coming out' of his eyes. Looks like little chicken feet! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ankole-Watusi (cattle)

My mom told me that there were some longhorn cattle in the field across the street. So, I thought I would take this time to practice with my new camera - because I'm taking photos at the parent-child dedication tomorrow at church.

Here are some pretty impressive photos - to me at least! And below is some information on them from Wikipedia! :)

Ankole-Watusi cattle are a breed of cattle native to Africa. They have very large, distinctive horns similar to a Texas Longhorn. They are sometimes known as Ankole or Watusi. Like many cattle, they are the descendents of the Aurochs who became extinct in the 17th century. Watusi are native to Africa and, for over 6000 years, have played a pivotal role in the lives of various African tribes - Tusi, Ankole, Bahima, Bashi, Kegezi, and the Kivu - although the Tutsi are most often associated with the breed. The cattle provided food, currency, and tribal status. In Rwanda, where the Tutsi ruled, Watusi were known as "Insanga" or "the ones which were found" and "Inyambo" or "the cows with long, long horns." Those with the largest and longest horns belonged to the King and were considered sacred, with some individuals having horns that measure twelve feet from tip to tip. The breed is often referred to as the 'Cattle of Kings'.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Have you missed me...

because I've sure missed you!

As many of you know, my computer was having issues. Come to find, the hard drive had some blanks. Ricky, can you shed some light on the subject? So, in the meantime, I had Freddie to find me a 'back up drive' to download all of my files, so that when my computer crashes, I'll have a back up.

Over the last two weeks, I've made a running list of blog topics. So, you'll have to bear with me, because I'm blogging on RubyRed's computer. Once I get my computer, I will add photos! Also, this is going to be the beginning of one really LONG blog!

4/25/08: The journey to Arkansas...
It's quite simple to get there. It's I-40 all the way, and take a left! The last time a few of us made this journey, it was dark, and I couldn't "appreciate" the interstate. After West Memphis (to Little Rock), there isn't much to see. However, there were so many photo opportunities: the large field sprayers, the lonely tree in the middle of farm land, G & F business building - black and white, random pink flowers on the interstate - in the median.

4/26/08: Prairie Home Companion...Hot Springs, Arkansas
I had asked my friend, Aaron, if would like to a live broadcast of PHC. Let me tell you, it was amazing. It was so cool to see how things come together - especially when you're listening to it on the radio. It was all about Hot Springs -which Aaron was able to relate to, identify with.

And by the way, some of you are familiar with the neighbor that lives down from Aaron - well, I'm sad to say that the prosthetic leg is no longer there, but the Christmas lights still remain.

4/28/08: On the way home...
This is quite funny, maybe even scary....on my way home, on I-40, outside of Jackson - in Waverly, TN, a man - who had to be a worker of the Department of Transportation - was filling in a hole on the interstate IN BETWEEN traffic. It was crazy!!

4/30/08: The night in Triage...
It wasn't a bad night till about 2100, when the bus unloaded about 15 kids and parents! At one point, I had 2-3 kids that were triaged, then I had 15! Throughout the night, I had quite a few that were not sick - fevers and congestion! So, the point of this story is - I'm sick from those stinkin' kids - still to this day(5/9).

5/2/08: Night of Thai...
MJ, RubyRed, and I ate a Fusion - Thai restaurant. It was ok. It was quite funny when we were listening to the instrumental versions of songs by Sting & Faith Hill. I guess it's one of those 'had to be there moments.'

Woke up that afternoon from working all weekend - still battling this cough and congestion - feeling nauseated. Later that evening, I was feeling better - and Kelly was able to reschedule our softball games - I stopped by A&W/Long John Silver's - expecting a fountain root beer to drink, to see a 2 liter of A&W on the counter. Disappointing, huh?

Which leads me to today's topic - Motorcyclists!
I was on my way home from picking up my new contacts, and there was a guy on motorcycle, with his IPOD on bicep, with the earplugs underneath the helmet. WOW! Lately, there have been radio commercials - making the public aware of motorcyclists. I'm ok with motorcycles - I enjoy riding them - did quite a bit of riding years ago.
I am against the no helmet law - because we will just see even more adults - adolescents in the ED. I have to say that if you decide to ride without a helmet, you should just go ahead and sign the back of your driver's license - to be an organ donor! (Yes, I'll tell you how I really feel)!! Anyways, I found that motorcyclist quite disturbing!

Hope you've enjoyed this quick, brief update of what's going on in the Life of the Nurse! Look forward to catching up with all of you!