Thursday, January 24, 2008

Having a blonde moment...

No, I'm not having a silly moment. I'm tired of my hair, so what's new? Had some blonde highlights put in it yesterday. Can't quite tell in the photo. It's enough for me to keep me happy for awhile! Of course, I would like have liked more, but bleach is so hard on your hair, that I have many months to get to where I want to be again! Attached below (July 2004) is 'blondest' I've ever been, and I absolutely loved it. I know several of you have seen the difference between my driver's license and bank card! :)Going to attach another one...from October(before the braces came off). My wonder stylist, best friend, Kim can do anything with my hair and make it look great. I enjoyed the curly hair! :)


Some quotes I've come across...

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Let thy words be few. Ecclesiastes 5:2

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort." ~Herm Albright (1876-1944)

"Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses, and disappointments, but let us have patience and we shall soon see them in their proper figures." ~Joseph Addison

"The best proof of love is trust." ~ Joyce Brothers

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." ~Robert Frost

Friday, January 18, 2008

Post-Op day 1

Hello to all! I would like to say thank you for all of your thoughts & prayers. They're greatly appreciated! :)

I must say that I'm doing much better than the last surgery (three years ago). However, I am a little more sore today than yesterday.

I'm going to attach three pictures...

This is my inferior turbinate.

The inferior turbinates are the largest turbinates, and can be as long as the index finger, and are responsible for the majority of airflow direction, humidification, heating, and filtering of air inhaled through the nose.
So, basically, they reduced (by liposuction) my inferior and middle turbinates, because they were so inflamed and hypertrophic(BIG).

This is a mucus cyst that was located in my left sphenoid sinus, which per the MD, was causing my sinus infections.

They also did a left sphenoidectomy to open up the airflow to that sinus cavity.

This is an amazing picture of me with my drip pad! :)

Don't laugh! Hehe. It's ok...I will!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The day before the knife...

Let me start off by saying, the next time I say that I can do four nights in a row (especially leading up to surgery, which I hope not to have again, at least sinus surgery), please convince me otherwise!

Had a good Saturday and Sunday at work. We actually had beds to place our admitted patients. I didn't sleep much on Monday, because the furniture store came to the house at 3pm to deliver my new TV stand! It's so pretty...I love it! (Going to buy a TV today)!

Go to work Monday night, was a good night. A little busy, steady at first. Nothing exciting happened. However, I seem like intubating (placing a tube into your lungs) little babies that don't want to breathe. I mean, come on...why don't you want to breathe?! Hehe. I say this because I've had three to do this recently (10 day old, 19 day old, 57 day old). And of course, this happens at shift change. Being the good nurse I am, I stayed throughout the procedure and waited for our critical care consult. The coolest thing of all, I stuck my first scalp vein! Meaning, I placed an IV my baby's scalp! I know you're thinking, "Oh my, that's horrible!" I enjoyed the pleasure of knowing I got it! :)

I slept really well yesterday (Tuesday). I was able to leave this morning (Wednesday) at 3am. I've slept from 5a-8a. And for some stupid reason, I'm awake...typing this blog! Haha.

Tomorrow is my surgery. Scheduled for 0730. Mean, I have to leave the house around 5:15am, to be there by 6am. Depending on how good or bad I look post-op is whether or not I'll post pictures! Hehe.

Thanks for reading...have a great day! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

You know you're a nurse if...

Every once in a while, I'll get an email titled, "You know you're a nurse if..." So, I thought I'd post some of the ones I found amusing!

You know you're a nurse if...
  • your sense of humor seems to get more "warped" each year.
  • you can only tell time with a 24 hour clock
  • you have wolfed down a sandwich while emptying your bladder.
  • most everything can seen humorous...eventually.
  • every time you walk you make a rattling noise because of all the scissors and clamps in your pockets.
  • you've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up.
  • every time someone asks you for a pen, you can find at least three of them on you.
  • you can intubate your friends at parties.
  • you don't get excited about blood loss-unless it's your own.
  • you ever told a confused patient your name was that of your co-worker and to call if they need help.
  • eating microwave popcorn out a clean bedpan (or emesis basin) is perfectly natural.
  • you've sworn to have "do not resuscitate" tattooed on your chest.
  • the front of your scrubs reads "Nurses... here to save your butt, not kiss it!"
  • you recognize that you can't cure stupid.
  • you wash your hands BEFORE you go to the bathroom.
  • you've placed a bet on someone's blood alcohol level.
  • your idea of fine dining is anywhere you can sit down to eat.
  • you believe that "shallow gene pool" should be a recognized diagnosis.
  • you believe that the government should require permits to reproduce (ABSOLUTELY)!
  • you believe that unspeakable evils will befall anyone who utters the phrase "Wow, it's really quiet, isn't it?"
  • you have ever had a patient look you straight in the eye and say "I have no idea how that got stuck in there." ("Spiderman did it")!
  • you have ever had to leave a patient's room before you begin to laugh uncontrollably.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of those who have listened to my stories! :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

A time to reflect

Another new year is here and as usual it calls us to spend some time in reflection. The pages of a fresh calendar urge us to look at life in four different directions...backward, forward, inward, and outward. Not only do we need to put into perspective the events of yesterday, we need to ponder what unfolds today and glance with anticipation down the road of tomorrow.

First, a look backward. No doubt you had some disappointments in the year just ended which still haunt your memory. But hopefully, you learned valuable lessons and gained important insights. And hopefully too, you enjoyed some pleasant moments which continue to cheer your heart.

Second, a look forward. This doesn't mean you should be apprehensive about the year that lies ahead, afraid of what might happen. You need not fear the future for God is already there. So develop a set of goals, put a plan into action, and pursue your dreams. Scripture reminds us in Proverbs 29:18...without a vision, the people perish.

Third, look inward. This direction beckons you to get in touch with the real person you are. You must take off the shroud hiding your inner self and put on the clothes of honesty and sincerity. You can't be true to others if you're not true to yourself.

And fourth, a new year calls you to look upward to rejoice in the majesty of God and to develop the habit of beginning each morning with a song of praise and ending each evening with a prayer of thanks.

Four directions ==> Backward, forward, inward, upward. My friend, why not pause right now and take a reflective look. If you do, you will be more than prepared to turn the calendar pages over and make the year 2008 the best year ever.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Goals for 2008...

Yes, every year I make goals for myself, as oppose to resolutions, because I'm very much a goal-oriented person.

Here are a few goals that I've made for myself for 2008:

1. To become more of an observer, rather than stating my thoughts...
2. Lose weight, 2008. (I stole that from my friend, LeeAnna, but I do have several weddings to be part of and go to this year).
3. To learn Spanish. I mean, there's no way around it. I just have to do it! (Any suggestions would be appreciative)! :)
4. To expand my nursing knowledge, meaning I would like to have a find a new, challenging job in the next 6 months or so.
5. Learn to play my violin.

I think these five will keep me busy for 2008!

Wishing you and those you love a wonderful and amazing year! :)